Saturday, May 3, 2008

wow... I was so sad when I left cvs today. normally, they let me use 2 coupons on items if they are buy one get one free. today, he did not let me. he said i can only use one. And handed me back my coupon. I did not argue too much. He said it is not allowed to use a coupon on a free item. And get this he told me I could not use the coupon on the just for men, that I did argue. I said I am paying for it now. He said well it is technically free after you get your money back from the extra bucks. I said ummm.... that is if I use the extra bucks. (of course I am going to use my extra bucks, but he does not know that) But after I told him that he said fine I will use it, but we are not supposed to use coupons on items that are free or will be free. Anybody else have this problem this week?

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