Sunday, May 25, 2008

46.00 and 2 free pizzasand 5.00 free groceries!!!!!

On friday, I got to go to hershey park. On my way to the amusement park, I picked up a pizza, took 5 pictures of it and then got to eat it. I got paid 30.00 and reimbursed the cost of my pizza. On my way home i did the same, but that one only paid me 6.00 and reimbursed me my second pizza. I also got paid 10.00 and reimbursed 5.00 for my groceries I purchased at weis markets.

companies for this were the corporate research....
and iccds(weis)

They have alot more pourtunities at each company that I choose not to take. I am a food lover and choose to do food related shops.


Saph said...

That's awesome! Some shops require a lot of detailed info and I'm worried about not being able to remember staff's names and stuff the shops want on the report. Have you done shops that have a long list of things you are required to remember? How do u do it?

Saph said...

Hi, you haven't posted in awhile. I hope things are ok. I would love to hear of the shops you've done lately.

I've finally found an opening with a Papa John's shop near me so I grabbed it. Yay! My first job to do. Looking forward to that free pizza! :)